September 02, 2012

One year in the spiral!

Yes, today is my wizaversary! Although what with Pirate101, I wonder if I should call it "spiralversary". I think I will, because I can't remember the date that I made my pirate on. So anyway, this is my first spiralversary. In one year, I have progressed my main wizard to level 73 and Avalon, and also progressed Emma to level 22. I find this quite good considering that for only 3 months or so of this, I had a sub. I also gained a few friends. To me, there are the people on your friends list, and then there are your friends, the people who you hang out with in game and chat with and have fun with. Although I have a ton of people on my friends list, only a few of them are actually friends. Thank you to all my in-game friends: To Alexandria UnicornRiver, for humor and fun; Justin EarthSword, for fun times at my house and introducing me to my twin (see here); and most of all to Elizabeth GoldenThistle, for being my questing buddy from Firecat Alley to the High Road (where we are now), from levels 10 to 73, and for always being there, both in the spiral and in real life.

Now for some humor! Here's a little thing I did, saying my reactions and thoughts on all the milestones as a free player. I hope you enjoy!
Game downloaded, in the wizard creator: Okay, so I have chosen the school of life. I get to heal, that sounds cool! Next! I'm a! Hmm...I like this hair. The style looks like my real life one, and I don't really want to change the hair color. Face: hmm, I have brown eyes in real life. *click click click* Here we go! Skin color is! Okay, now I get to choose my clothes. *lots of clicking* I like this! White with a green trim! (I know, I know. Kinda boring, but I'm a plain sort of person in clothes styles.) Now I get to choose a wizard name? Cool! All these choices are sort of overwhelming, so I'm going to hit the random button a few times and see what I get. *click* Anna GiantHead? Seriously? XD *click* No... *click* Um...I don't think so. *click* Oooh...Sophia EmeraldBlossom. That sounds so pretty! I like it! *finishes creating wizard*
In tutorial: *does all the tasks* Summoning magical creatures and dueling! That sounds so cool! *ground begins to shake, rain falls, shadow at window* *GASP!* Who's that!? Going into the tower doesn't sound like a great idea...Oh, this Malistaire guy must be who was at the window! Cool, he summoned some dragon things! But why are they ice if they're dragons? Weird... Great, now I need to fight them. Okay! *does a few rounds* Hmm, I wonder why the people draw different things when they cast spells. I will have to research this later. *once she casts unicorn* Wow! If this is healing, I think I might get something like this later! *after duel* He said he found what he was looking for. I wonder what that could be. Wow, he disappeared! I want to be able to do that! And a spellbook, and a wand, and I need to chat. Okay! Let's see what I can about "No"? Yeah! *tutorial ends*
In Unicorn Way:
This is pretty! It looks life-ish. Unicorn park...I love this place! It's my favorite place so far! Time for a duel. Okay! *enters battle with lost soul and does not get it AT ALL* Wha...? Why don't I have troll and meteor strike and unicorn?! Well, this snake spell looks good! *casts and kills lost soul* There we go! *upon learning fairy* Wow! Now I can actually heal! This is great! *upon defeating Rattlebones* *gets Baxby tutorial tip and looks at drop* Ooh, Rattlebones's cowl! It must be super unique! I have a unique item! YAY! *gets broom* Cool, a broom! I go faster now!
Unlocks Ravenwood (includes leprechaun training):
Wow! Here's the school part! This is just so amazing! Everything is so pretty! (funny how people don't tend to pay attention to that stuff anymore) *after talking to all the teachers and gets training point* *trains leprechaun* Wow, a super powerful new spell! I will impress everyone with my leprechaun of awesome! (after this, I showed off leprechaun whenever I could. In the kraken fight, all over the streets...everywhere.) I wonder what I should spend my training point on, though? Since life is weak on damage, maybe I should do storm, which is high on damage! Yeah! *trains thundersnake* Wait...don't I already have this spell?
Triton Avenue: 
This street is gloomy. I don't like it as much as Unicorn Way. *after finishing* Oh cool! I have new gear! I forgot! But I don't like how any of it looks, so I'm not keeping it. *unequips and doesn't know what stats are*
Life school quest, level 7:
*skips to summoning at Rainbow Bridge* Wow, a seraph in the Commons! This is something you don't see every day! Wait...why aren't people stopping to stare at my awesome seraph? *sulks* Well, at least I got unicorn. That's something. It says "275 health to all friends", so it must heal all your friends no matter where they are! Cool! (to me, this spell description is very misleading)
After advanced dueling tutorial from Diego: THAT'S what pips are and how you get them.
Starting Firecat Alley:
Cool! New street! *goes to it* *GASP!!!!!!* I have :'( But they said this game was free! Oh well. I'm sure I'll find a way to be able to buy it.

That's it! Did you enjoy it? By the way, the first time I fought the Kraken, I had to fight him alone. O_O Also, this is my 50th post! Woot woot! Not much farther until 100! Okay...actually it's a lot farther. Oh yeah, and the party hat from the spiralversary code didn't work, so I made this makeshift party outfit.
Me partying!

- Sophia E

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