September 17, 2012

Thoughts about Halloween (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW INSIDE!)

Hello again. *slides onto screen awkwardly* It's been a long time, hasn't it? I've been busy in game. I know, shocker. I still don't have a sub. I've been thinking, too. I'm really looking forward to Halloween in Wizard101! Last year, I could only do the apprentice tower and I was scared away by Baron Mordecai, but this year I'll be more than ready for all the fun of the more advanced monsters! (Of course, my Transcendent character would totally knock them out of existence.) Ooh, here's an idea! They should make an Archmage tower! Seriously though, having Grandmaster be the highest tower level is sort of low now. I'd totally be up for that challenge. Speaking of Halloween, all my characters are in Halloween costumes! They are epic! And here they are, in the order of least epic to most epic.
Maria, dressed as a wood elf thing (hey, I was on a budget!)
Grace, dressed as an English princess
Donna, dressed as a wolf
Sophia, dressed as a raven (she will have 1 day swiftshadow wings on the day of the -  I'm not telling!)
Emma, dressed as a blue dragon-rider (EPIC!!!)
Not bad, considering I'm on a budget, huh? You may notice I didn't include Daniel's costume. That's because he needs the pumpkin mask from the Baron Mordecai quest. I'll show you when it's finished. And now, for an exclusive preview of my Halloween dorm for the - oops, I almost gave it away! More details on the surprise in October.
The teleporter goes to a mystery location! :D You'll find out about that when I tell about the surprise.
Like them? I will see you with more details in October!

- Sophia E

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