October 10, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

I have not one, but two surprises to post about today! One, the date of the party mentioned in the previous post has been changed to October 20th due to a conflict. Also, thanks for reminding me, Emma: the realm of the pickup is wraith.

Second, I've changed my mind and will be playing Pirate101. It'll be a really casual and slow thing, though, because I'm going the crowns route for it. I'll be playing in the Gandry realm, so if you see any ships with these flags in Gandry you've probably run into me. Feel free to say hi! I probably won't be blogging about my pirates, but here are their pictures! They are my wizards in pirate form, and I'm not sure how many you will recognize from pictures on this blog.

Sophia EmeraldBlossom
Daniel DeathBlood
Grace StormRider
Donna DragonFlame
And last, also least...Emma!
You mean "And last, but BEST".
Whatever. Anyway...
Emma IceCrafter
That's all for now. See you in Skull Island/Avalon! Random picture of the day:
Nomnomnom CAKE!

- Sophia E

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