October 26, 2012

Story name change and more ranting.

I've changed the name of my fanfiction (The Secret Gate) to The Greatest Treasure. It sounds better. I've also changed the formatting, so now I have parts and chapters. A PART is a group of chapters, which tells about one world. A CHAPTER documents one area or major event. Now that I've got that straight...

More Azteca ranting. I can't believe that it's likely Malistaire who is back!!! The ending of the Malistaire arc seemed very ending-ish. After what happened, I can't imagine that he would do more evil. I just can't. Also, I've noticed people saying, "It's way too soon for a new world! I only have FOUR of my wizards at max level! AH!!!!!"

...Seriously? Four? I have ONE, people! ONE! And many bloggers don't even have a level 80! Just ask them! (Not the official fansite bloggers. The smaller bloggers.) End rant.

DINOSAURS!!!! I can't believe it! *stews angrily*

Random picture of the day:
Check out Grace's new outfit! (I know, terrible cropping job.)

- Sophia E

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