October 13, 2012

Finished! ...Not really

Let me show you a couple of pictures.

Two open spots at the round table - very convenient.
Take a look at my badge in the second picture, not to mention the setting. There you have it. I'm done, and now can join the crowd of Archmages eagerly awaiting the next world. Speaking of worlds: I saw Swordroll's post about the bundles hinting at a prehistoric-themed one. I'm not saying that this is a bad idea for a world, but I hate dinosaurs. Period. There are so many worlds already hinted at in quest dialogue, so why make a completely new one? I'm still excited at the prospect of Mirage (cat world), Empyrea (cloud/sky world) and Polaris. I don't think Polaris is an ice world; we already have one of those. Frankly, that would be quite boring. I'm still picturing it as a star/outer space world. (And no, Celestia doesn't count.) You know, like the Celestial Observatory but with different architecture. People have been seeing a mysterious ice world floating by in the Pirate101 skyways and assume it's Polaris. Have you forgotten about Nodor? Here's some quest dialogue from Avalon describing a map of Nodor: 
"A Map to the Brisk Land of Nodor. There are pictures of Woolly Mammoths and Frozen Fomori. Doesn't sound that appealing to you." 
Doesn't that sound like an ice world? Then again...woolly mammoths? Maybe this is both an ice world AND  a prehistoric world. That could be very interesting.

Okay, back on topic. Now that I'm level 80, I'm done with Sophia, right? Don't even think about it. I have a whole list of things I need to do now!

  1. Finish that stray quest for the Marleybone Warehouse.
  2. Get the Emerald Champion badge. (There's only a few stray Mossback quests left in Mooshu; I got fed up with them as a lower level because all the monsters I had to fight were life.)
  3. Get a perfect pet.
  4. Find some way to drastically reduce my gold.
  5. Find those last few music scrolls. (I've never posted about this, but I'm collecting.) Coven, here I come with my epicly awesome forest lord of power!
  6. Start redecorating Life House for Christmas. (What? It's a big project!)
  7. Ignore the crafting quest in my quest log. (Emma's the crafter.)
I can't shake the feeling that I've forgotten something, though...Hmm. 
Did you forget me?
Oh, yeah! THAT'S what I was forgetting! You know Emma, you're pretty easy to forget.
Hmph. I'm a splendiferous person, and you know it. Anyway, now that Sophia's done, it's ME time! You'll be seeing a lot more of me!

  1. Project 80: Get to level 80. (Gotta happen sometime, right?)
  2. Project Warlord: ACTUALLY rule PvP and get the Warlord badge.
  3. Project Watchtower: Craft the Watchtower Hall.
  4. Project Artisan: Continue advancing through the crafting ranks.
  5. Project Conqueror: Take over this blog. 
  6. Project Spell-Master: Collect wands after I finish project Watchtower.
  7. Project Best: Prove that I'm better than Sophia.
  8. Project Splendiferous: Buy the Splendiferous Robe and wear it. (It actually exists!)
Um, Emma? It's fire.
NOOooo... *scratches off list and leaves*
Good, she's gone. Well, that's all for today. See you later!
Yarrr! Like my pirate costume?
- Sophia E

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