March 28, 2012


Yes, yes, YES!!!!! I. Got. LUCKY! I tried opening two Wyvern Hoards. Just two. No more. That way, I couldn't waste what little crowns I had. And in my first opening, this is what I got:
A Greenwarden's Brilliant Mask! That is serious awesomeness right there. And for those who don't know the stats of the level 50 version that I got, it gives 165 Health, 6% Global Boost, and I think 7% Global Resist. Plus a Steal Charm card! :) And since I hate how it looks, I still had about 500 crowns left and I stitched it to this thing from Eloise with gems in it. Celestial cap, I think it is called? But yeah. Wait till you see what I got in the second pack! It's even awesomer (not a word, but who cares?) than that one! Just a minute...Picture coming.

Oh look...a gold wyvern mount! AWESOME!!! As you can see, luck was with me. I am so happy with my loot, and I feel bad for those who had to try about 30 times to get their wyvern mount. But yes, I will continue to open packs when I have the crowns (just 9 crowns short of another!), and maybe I'll get a colorful wyvern collection! So yeah. And scroll down to see a picture of me on my wyvern of awesomeness:

<---- There it is! And I forgot to cut out my taskbar, but let's kindly ignore that. I was so happy! The jump is lame, but still. The mount is awesome! See you later, and hopefully there won't be so many pictures tomorrow.

The happy wyvern owner,
- Sophia E

March 27, 2012

Forget Blogging Day!

Blogging day? Ha! Let's just forget all about it, okay? But don't worry, I'll still be posting. In fact, no blogging day is a change for the better! Why? Because I will now be posting - gasp - every day! That's right, daily posting! And Outfit of the Week? I'm quitting with that. Why? Because it's so hard to find outfits. And I'm usually just being lazy and procrastinating because I don't want to look for outfits anyway. That means my posts will be a lot less formatted and a lot more random and unique. But that's almost all you'll hear from me for today, folks! Why? Because, I want to introduce a different wizard of mine. She's a Thaumaturge who has achieved the great honor of -
Let me say it.
Fine. >.<
Master Artisan at level 20! That's right, Master Artisan at the low level of 20! I have done it. Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Emma IceCrafter, the same one from the marvelous tale The Secret Gate. If you haven't read it yet, go do it. And here's a picture of myself, the master artisan:
And I'm in my all-out crafting dorm. In there are all four crafting stations, the kind you buy. Now I'm scrounging for gold. My life ambition is to craft a -
Watchtower Hall! She wants to craft a Watchtower Hall and turn it into a hotel!
>.< You ruined it. This is my post so GET OUT!
But this is my blog, I'm older, and I'm letting you post so maybe you should watch you you're telling to leave.
Fine, I'm sorry. But yes, I want to make a hotel so I can get some treasure cards. >:) Just kidding. Yes, I will charge treasures but that's not the reason I want a hotel. It's mostly for fun and to meet some new people. I will post a video tour when it's done, I promise! And I'll give frequent updates on this project!
With my -
Yes, with your permission of course. *rolls eyes* Now I think Sophia is getting impatient so I'd better leave. Thanks for letting me talk instead of Sophia for at least a little bit. And thanks, Sophia, for letting me have the final word on this post.
I never said that! Now if you please, can I -
Oh, I gotta run!

The level 20 master artisan,
- Emma I

March 19, 2012

That was a fail.

Second blogging day? Ha! So much for that. But I will try to post on Friday this week. Really I will! Now for randomness. I am almost level 52. I found this Celestia quest tree somewhere on the W101 Central Wiki, and it turns out that I am almost done with the Floating Land! And what I said about  the surprise, that was supposed to be released on Friday? Not happening. At least not yet. I have another project on my hands, that is, another two. First, there's the fanfiction, which I've sort of been procrastinating on. I'll try to finish part two. Really! But it might not be all that soon. Second, there's something else that I've never mentioned before. I am going to draw pictures of my fanfiction main characters. Like, with pencil and paper. I will try to make them the most awesome drawings I have ever done. And get the proportion and shaping just right. Then I will color, take a picture, and post it here. Hopefully. Maybe. Okay, probably not. And I've added reactions to my posts. So reaction all my posts please! I see that somebody, that is, two somebodies, have done that already. As for the promised surprise, like I said is probably not happening soon, here's a hint as to what it is. Lights, camera, ACTION! And no outfit of the week this week. I've just forgotten. And thanks everybody for showing up at my party. It was so much fun, and my guest list must have multiplied itself by three, and loads of people came that weren't even on the list. So there were maybe 20 guests there. And my blog really has been added to the W101 Central blog list now!

So long,
- Sophia E

March 12, 2012

This has been a week of making stuff!

Well, whaddya think? What?!? You mean you didn't notice!? Okay, just kidding. Unless you only just saw my blog for the first time, then you know I have made a recent addition - a banner! Well, it's not exactly a masterpiece...but I think it's okay. And it's definitely the best graphic I've made so far. And I have another picture to show you. I made it for my best friend, Elizabeth GoldenThistle. It's the one on the left. (If you'd like to know more about her, flip to the interviews page.) Isn't it amazing? Fine, amazing-ish? That shows her as an Initiate Conjurer. Right now she is Grandmaster. How do you like it? And, I have this random guide-ish thingy. It's called...

How to avoid unnecessary battles!
Scenario 1. Let's say you have to explore three dojos in Mooshu. All your quest goal says to do is explore. So you step inside and get immediately sucked into battle before you can leave. Simply press Esc and go to your character selection page. Wait about five seconds, then go back to your character. Ta-da! You have been relocated outside the sigils, with your goal complete.
Scenario 2. This is from recent experiences in Ravenscar. Let's say you have to collect some item from a chest, at the back of a boss dungeon thing, i.e, the heart of winter. But there is a boss in the way! Get someone to run straight into battle. Then, sneak around their circle. Open the chest. Then, have them go to their character selection page as shown in Scenario 1. Goal complete!

And speaking of Elizabeth GoldenThistle, we made a little something together. It's a play, hosted at her Royal Playhouse! Yes, I downloaded Hypercam, and yes, it's easy to use. So I recreated my channel, (there will be no separate page for it this time btw), and if you want to just see the channel, go to http:\\
Sit back, please turn off all electronic devices, (rofl!), and enjoy the play! Btw, it's hard to see text chat in a tiny window, so it might be easier to full screen it. And it is kinda goofy, especially the second vid, so be warned.

Did you like them? And you may want to read the descriptions, (unless you're too lazy to double-click), and please comment either on YouTube or on this post to say what you think! These are my first videos, and my first play. I know the plot line isn't a complete jewel, but hey, we did the best we could. We'll try to make more soon, and chances are the next one will be Krokotopia themed! And this is completely random but, hey, like my costume? Lol! ^_^
And, I think I'm not posting enough. So, I'll add a second blogging day - Friday! Stay tuned, people!
Other news - my blog really has now been added to the Wizard101 Central blog list! So maybe I will get more readers soon. And, I'm hosting a party at my house. You can read up on the details here. Please, please come! I have only two people on the guest list! And I'm planning to host a load of contests! How lame is that? :(
Now for the traditional...
Outfit of the Week!
Not much to say here...except that I had a different friend dress up for the wacky outfit!

Sorry for a boring post! And I'll have a huge surprise ready by Friday!

- Sophia E

March 09, 2012

I can't believe I didn't post...

I missed posting on the big moment! I even missed a whole level! O_O I AM A GRANDMASTER! Okay...level 51 to be exact. I missed all of level 50! xD I mean, seriously, it seems like no other wizard101 blogger has missed the moment. What a fail.

On a different note...I am working on a banner! That's right. A banner. So...hopefully it will be done soon. Actually, I could say the same for TSG part two. No worries, though! That should be done soon, too. As for outfit of the week...UGH. It's so hard to find wacky outfits! But I'll try to get one by Monday.

And a Celestia update: Well, Elizabeth and I have this theurgist friend and it's his fourth wizard. He is under the impression that you need critical and block gear for ALL of Celestia. We try to tell him that we're in District of the Stars and we've been doing fine without it, but he didn't seem to listen. So a few days ago, we proved him wrong. The two of us did the Stellarium together - just the two of us, no other friends or henchmen. We had zero critical/block gear - and we finished it on the first go. HOW'S THAT, SETH?

Okay...maybe I got a little carried away there. But that's all for today!

- Sophia E