March 28, 2013

Goodbye, Grizzleheim!

And good riddance! It's on to Dragonspyre for Emma! So we fought the Coven yesterday. With some help from a high-level storm wizard, we beat them easily, and I got the Arcane Staff (crowns wand) on my very first try! People farm for days for that!

We got to bash up Cyrus Drake (fun!) with a hit that would've killed his brother, and there was this glitch so we could fight him together. You can also see the Arcane Staff in the below picture.

We entered Dragonspyre, a world which I love, got severe nostalgia, and entered the Tower Archives. Emma also got sent off to Celestia by the crafting guy, but she'll wait to get Grandmaster Crafter until we actually quest to there. We met Zarathax (oooh) and got lost in the tower portion of the Archives while looking for an area with just Loathsome Creepers in it. We had fun. Malistaire, here we come!

- Sophia E

March 17, 2013

Skull Island's Jungles: Secrets Revealed

We all know that KI likes to "recycle" game graphics and use them elsewhere. But is there more to Skull Island's Gold Mine, Dark Jungle, and Valley of the Gold Monkey than meets the eye? Watch this short video and discover the shocking secret.

I only picked out the best bits, so feel free to keep exploring on your own. Most of the area's layout is exactly the same. Have fun! (And look out for other similarities between areas.)

- Sophia E

March 16, 2013

Fun, Friends, and Fizzles: Another Episode of Emma

Hey, everyone! I guess it hasn't been a while since you last saw me, but I just thought this was a great opportunity to get a post in since Sophia's off writing one of her own at her treehouse place. Anyway, Christina (Elizabeth) and I were doing quests in Mooshu's Village of Sorrow some time ago. We had to defeat Walking Dead to make a soul chain. Anyway, we had to defeat lots of them. Lots and lots of Walking Dead. It was boring. Then, a random person ran into our battle. I was just about to think How rude! when he said "Hi!" (That was in text chat, by the way.) It turned out he was on the exact same quest as us, and we started up a nice conversation. His name was Flint MythGem, (magus conjurer) and he was really nice. We did a lot of quests together, finishing the Village of Sorrow, but I had to leave before we could do the Tree of Life. He's way ahead of us now in quests, but we still sometimes fight bosses together. 

Now I'm about seven levels ahead of that. I've completely finished Mooshu, earning the Emerald Champion badge, and now we're in Grizzleheim. We blasted (or should I say blizzarded?) our way through Savarstaad Pass since we're double the level it was intended for, and we went on to Vigrid Roughland. These monsters are just a little harder, but it's still really easy. Both of us were friend requested by a level 29 sorcerer: Keira WaterCloud, menu chatter. Side note: I don't mind menu chatters. I was one once, so I can use it fairly well, and I was still perfectly splendiferous back then! Now, Keira was wearing a Marleybone hat and Wizard City robe and boots, all dyed pink, and she had a baby unicorn pet. The stats from this gear were something like 6% death resist, 3% fire damage, and 29 health. We helped her through a mob fight. I had a mega pip fail, so I just threw a few extra blades on Christina and let her do one larger hit instead of two smaller ones. Guess what? She fizzled. Twice in a row. Definitely not splendiferous. 

By the way - in Savarstaad Pass, there's a collectible boat housing item. I went to pick it up, and got not one, but TWO boat housing items. Are they like reagents or something? I wonder what the rare harvest of those Grizzleheim boats is. Basket of fish, maybe? Anyway, I found myself faced with the dilemma of finding a way to fit them both into my already full backpack. I ended up teleporting them to my bank. (How do they fit in there, anyway..?) 

Also: while in Vigrid Roughland, Christina discovered a very interesting new development. It's pretty complicated, so I'll leave Sophia to handle it. Expect an update on this soon! ( pirates are going to be SO surprised.)

- Em-

Emma? What are you doing? 
...uh-oh...Gotta run! See you later!
Where are you, Emma? Hmm...maybe she's not here, after all. I guess I'll just sign off this unfinished post - wait. Unfinished post? EMMA!

- Sophia E

March 06, 2013

Of Damage and Weapons

Hi! I just thought I'd post a somewhat outdated picture I have before it becomes even more outdated.

If you're reading this, you've likely already seen Emma DawnRider's picture of the hit, but I was mostly posting it so you could see my health. 681! A couple more rounds and I'd have been dead. 
Hey, guys! It's splendiferousness incarnate! 
I have some awesome news that I need to share! I did the first boss of Shirataki Temple with Christina RainbowSong and it was a really long and tedious fight and he shielded himself right before I hit and I was really angry and miserable and I had to hit through it and waste all my blades and traps especially my feint and I had to hit AGAIN and it was massive unnecessary overkill and I was really grumpy once it was over but I got this really awesome no auction power-pip giving glowing balance sword of splendiferousness from him and it's totally splendiferous and it matches Christina's no auction power-pip giving glowing fire sword and here's a picture of the two of us together as no auction power-pip giving glowing sword buddies! :D

Um...okay? Someone really needs grammar lessons... Anyway, I suppose that's all! I'll see you in a few-
Wait! Wait! I still need to tell you about the time when we went into the nasty rocky cave area of the Cave of Solitude and monsters went all over the place and there was no roof on the cave and...
This is a disaster waiting to happen. I'd better sign this off now before it gets dangerous.

- Sophia E

March 01, 2013

Moving...sort of

As you may have heard by now, Camp NaNoWriMo #1 is in April this year. Even though the event officially opens on March 5th, I'm planning my novel anyway. (That's mostly because I want to take a break the last few days before April starts.)

I've opened up my writing blog, Sophia-Rose's Treehouse, and that's mostly where I'll be for the next couple of months. I'll still be posting on this blog, and I'll be checking for and responding to comments, but most of my activity will be on the other blog.

During the month of March, I may occasionally post live (non-scheduled,) and I'll probably schedule a few as well, but in April, just about all of them will be scheduled.

That's all for now. I'll see you tomorrow at the treehouse, and probably in a few days here.

- Sophia E