March 28, 2013

Goodbye, Grizzleheim!

And good riddance! It's on to Dragonspyre for Emma! So we fought the Coven yesterday. With some help from a high-level storm wizard, we beat them easily, and I got the Arcane Staff (crowns wand) on my very first try! People farm for days for that!

We got to bash up Cyrus Drake (fun!) with a hit that would've killed his brother, and there was this glitch so we could fight him together. You can also see the Arcane Staff in the below picture.

We entered Dragonspyre, a world which I love, got severe nostalgia, and entered the Tower Archives. Emma also got sent off to Celestia by the crafting guy, but she'll wait to get Grandmaster Crafter until we actually quest to there. We met Zarathax (oooh) and got lost in the tower portion of the Archives while looking for an area with just Loathsome Creepers in it. We had fun. Malistaire, here we come!

- Sophia E

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