March 06, 2013

Of Damage and Weapons

Hi! I just thought I'd post a somewhat outdated picture I have before it becomes even more outdated.

If you're reading this, you've likely already seen Emma DawnRider's picture of the hit, but I was mostly posting it so you could see my health. 681! A couple more rounds and I'd have been dead. 
Hey, guys! It's splendiferousness incarnate! 
I have some awesome news that I need to share! I did the first boss of Shirataki Temple with Christina RainbowSong and it was a really long and tedious fight and he shielded himself right before I hit and I was really angry and miserable and I had to hit through it and waste all my blades and traps especially my feint and I had to hit AGAIN and it was massive unnecessary overkill and I was really grumpy once it was over but I got this really awesome no auction power-pip giving glowing balance sword of splendiferousness from him and it's totally splendiferous and it matches Christina's no auction power-pip giving glowing fire sword and here's a picture of the two of us together as no auction power-pip giving glowing sword buddies! :D

Um...okay? Someone really needs grammar lessons... Anyway, I suppose that's all! I'll see you in a few-
Wait! Wait! I still need to tell you about the time when we went into the nasty rocky cave area of the Cave of Solitude and monsters went all over the place and there was no roof on the cave and...
This is a disaster waiting to happen. I'd better sign this off now before it gets dangerous.

- Sophia E

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