February 19, 2013

On Pirates, Crafting and New Games?

So, I logged back onto Pirate101 a couple of days ago to remake my pirates. I'd realized I'd made some pretty bad choices in character creation, not to mention I thought their flags were boring. After that, I played a little on Crafty Emma Evans the Buccaneer (with the sound off) and logged off. Later on, I logged on to Wizard101 to craft some things on Emma IceCrafter (with the sound on) and noticed that the music didn't sound right. It was almost like there were two soundtracks playing at once. I turned down the Wizard101 music volume all the way, and sure enough, there was music playing underneath it. I recognized the Skull Island music. Just to test, I logged off of Wizard101 and Pirate101 music was still playing. I browsed the web, edited a document, and did a few other things and the music wouldn't stop playing! It was really annoying, and I decided just to restart my computer. (By the way, the Pirate101 version of Emma has horrible fashion sense. Right now, she is wearing a skull hat, a blue chicken suit with feathers, and regular old pirate boots, not to mention holding a giant spear. Ugh.)

Speaking of Emma, she recently finished crafting all 15 Ornamental Stepstones she needs for the Watchtower Hall.

Now, about the New Games. Right. My friend Elizabeth GoldenThistle went to Knight101.com just to see if there was anything there. Apparently, the website is "parked," which means someone bought the domain but hasn't put any content on it yet. Is Knight101 a new game? Well, I tried to find out. I tried some other things as well. Ninja101 is also parked, but so are Chicken101 and Pigeon101. Unless KI wants us to strut around the spiral as poultry, I'm not sure whether to take the others seriously or not. Thoughts?

- Sophia E

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  1. If a Knight/Ninja game does come, it had BETTER be like real knights (like the warrior class in WoW [an example!]). If it's ninja I would want to see things like from Naruto (if you've read it [terrible plot line, but the "classes {what present classes I suppose} are awesome]).