February 18, 2013

Mission: Mansion notice

All right, both of the entries have been turned in. Here's the catch: Remember how I only got six people from the raffle at the beginning? That means that nobody needs to get eliminated this round. That's right; both of you stay in for the final round!

The final task is a speed-based trivia challenge. Just post in the comments with the best times for you and we can coordinate something. Good luck! Here are both the graphics entries.

Destiny's entry

Emma's entry
- Sophia E


  1. Saturday/Sunday morning would work best for me. Either that, or Friday afternoon. Thanks for the huge relief on this leg of the contest - graphics are NOT my forte.


    1. LOL! Looking at the entries, I can tell that Emma and I used the same graphics program of Pixlr! She used the Express, and I used the Advanced. Just thought it was cool.

    2. Um... Destiny? You are AMAZING at graphics! Hello? My header? Gorgeous!!

      Haha, yeah, we did. Please, advanced? All yours, lol. (Looks awesome btw :) )

  2. Well, um.... Friday afternoon certainly not... Saturday morning no.... Sunday morning no...

    All I'm open for this weekend is Saturday afternoon.

    But I'm basically free ALL next week (no school :3 ).

  3. I'm free every morning, but because my schedule is so variable, there's a 2/5 chance I'll make anything. Your call!