February 21, 2013

Guess who's here?

It's me again! I know I haven't been on much, what with Sophia's contest, but here I am! My pirate form has been doing some awesome things lately! I did the Presidio a couple of days ago, much to my distress. (I tried to talk my companions out of it so we could attack the Frogfather instead, but they didn't listen.) I'll admit, I felt truly splendiferous after what happened. My crew and I didn't get defeated once! We literally aced the Presidio! And to make it even better: I did it in this AWESOME OUTFIT!!
Don't I have splendiferous fashion sense?
Oh yeah. And my wizard form just got Iceblade! WAHOOOO! Battles are so much easier now!
Emma? What are you doing on the blog?
*stuffs computer behind back* Um...what blog?
Don't try that with me! Out! Now! I have some things to discuss with the readers!
Hmph! I'll get my revenge! *storms out*
I'm so sorry about that. Anyway, I saw your comments, Emma and Destiny. I'm pretty flexible (except for late afternoon and some evenings,) but it looks like this weekend isn't very good for Emma. How do you feel about Monday morning at 9:00 EST? 
Also, I have 5,000 pageviews now! Thanks, everyone!
That's about all for today. I will be posting again soon!

- Sophia E


  1. I can't do Monday morning, not unless you post before 8AM Eastern. I can do, er, hmm...any *other* morning before 9AM Eastern, but my afternoons are full all the time (except Sunday) and I can't stay up late except for on the weekend. Sorry to trouble you with my crazy sched.


    1. It'll be a close one, but I can probably do that, depending on how long it takes me to get it done, sadly. However, I'm pretty confident I'll make it.

  2. Wednesday morning sounds good for me too. Will there is be a post with specifics?

    1. A post with specifics will be put up about 15 minutes before it starts. When it starts, I will post a comment with the first question.

  3. How long will the last bit take? EST-wise, I'm up half an hour before 9, and off the computer by 9:30. If I can't make it, then I can forfeit. :3

  4. I'm sure you'll make it, Destiny!!

    Otherwise, I'm just posting this cause we're getting hit by a snowstorm with high winds, so if I make a sudden, disappearance.... I lost power >.< I don't think it'll happen, but if it does that's what happened.

  5. Okay, we can start at 8:50 if that's better for both of you.