February 14, 2013

Mission: Mansion - Task 6

Elizabeth looks up at you and smiles. "Thanks so much," she tells you. "I'm not sure how realistic it is, but it sure made me feel better." She points to a stark white teleporter in the corner of the room. "Grace went through there, and she's waiting for you. You'd better hurry, since she's probably very transparent by now. Good luck." She teleports away.

You take a deep breath and step onto the teleporter. When you arrive on the other end, you notice that you're definitely not in the same building. The floor is glossy stone and mostly covered in a red and gold carpet, with walls made of granite blocks. There's a splendid long feast table down the middle of the room, laden with pumpkins, jugs of some drink, chicken legs, and pies, with a massive cornucopia right in the center. "Wow, this is an impressive dining room," you murmur. Your stomach rumbles when you look at the pie.

"Over here!" says a voice from one end of the room. You turn and notice a transparent girl near the left end of the table. "We have a big problem. I think we're trapped." You turn around and scan the room, then realize she's right. "There aren't any teleporters back to the mansion. Worse yet, I can't just teleport away. I think the room is enchanted, and it's still eating my life away!"

You sigh. It was a bad choice to enter this room, and when you're almost ready to give yourself up for lost, Grace adds, "But there could be another way. Have you heard of Teleport Tapestries? They're magic pictures that can take you to the place depicted. It isn't particularly hard to use the idea to make a Teleport Drawing, but I don't have the right materials." She looks at you hopefully. "Do you happen to have a pencil on you?"

Unfortunately, Alura HexCaster had to be eliminated because she didn't turn in her entry.

Unless you want to be stuck in the DeathCoin's feast hall forever, you'd better get moving! Using the below picture, create something with a magic touch to it to use as a Teleport Drawing. You may use any image manipulation program, or print it out and do something hand-drawn. The only requirements are that you may not use text, use any different images (besides textures), or drawing random patterns on the picture. Everything you add needs to add to the magical effect.

Use this picture!
Email in your entries to sophiaeb at live dot com with the subject line Mission: Mansion - Task 6. The deadline is February 19th at 11:59 PM EST, so get working! The two people left move on to the final battle, which happens to be speed-based. After the contest is judged, if you're left, comment and we can arrange something. Good luck, and may the best wizard win!

- Grace S


  1. Hello! I wanted to draw on a couple of magical runes originating from W101 - would they count as text if they were just symbolic or looked good?


    1. By "text" I meant words that actually mean something, so runes are okay.

  2. Just a comment cause I think it's funny:
    After school I was waiting to go home so I jump on my iPod to check to see if you've got the next contest up. When I checked, the answer is: yes, there is a new update. And you know when it updated? I quote "posted 7 seconds ago." Just thought that was funny.

    On a second note, I'm totally seeing Destiny owning this right now. I'll try for sure, but if she doesn't win I'll be stunned.