January 24, 2012

So busy....


I've been so busy actually playing with my new membership that I forgot to post! xD Well, I'm posting now! My avatar is now SO outdated...I'm in the Tomb of Storms now with some nicer gear, getting ready to craft a special outfit for life secondary storm. I found the perfect recipe! I will post a picture when it is all crafted and dyed. Random update: I'm level 26 and have 33,368 gold! Woot! :D I'm saving up for the Life House. And then I'll be saving up for a permanent broom. Oh yes, and I cannot forget -

Outfit of the Week!

This is the Blue Mask outfit.  The robe and shoes aren't very unique but...THAT MASK. That mask doesn't really go with the rest of the outfit - that's what makes it unique! I like it! So congratulations to whoever put together that outfit.

See ya when I've got my new outfit:

- Sophia E

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