January 09, 2012

First post! A big blog milestone!

Finally. I have my own blog. xD There's not much to talk about, except...THIS IS THE FIRST POST!! YAY!!!! :D Okay...overkill... Well, welcome to The Artsy Theurgist. I just had make it all green and brown and blue. Because I'm a theurgist, you know? Those are definitely the top theurgist colors. I really like drawing and writing and stuff, but I think that's been proclaimed just about everywhere on this blog so far. I just had a thought, just now as I am writing this sentence. I bet that once this blog has been going on for some time, like a year or so, I will be looking back at this post, this one right here. And I will probably be thinking "What a simple little undeveloped blog I had when I wrote that."

And by the way - sometimes, on the Generic News page only, I will be posting codes for the first lucky wizard to find them, like this one. H699F-LLLH3-3369J-8l528 If you redeem that one, be sure to comment and tell what you got!

Well, until next time:

- Sophia E

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