April 29, 2014

What just happened?

I just don't understand this. Three posts, all by Emma, all with the exact same post title, none actually making sense...what is wrong with her?

Absolutely nothing. Splendiferous dragon agrees with me. I had a splendiferous story, a splendiferous poem, and a splendiferous interview, and you say none of them make sense? You aren't making sense!

You know what? I've learned that there's not much point in arguing with you. I give up.

Okay! Now that Grace has giving up, to close out these posts before Sophia comes back, I give you... a splendiferous limerick!

There once was a splendiferous dragon
Who carried a thaumaturge like a wagon
This dragon was blue
You must like it, too!
It's splendiferousness stands out like a flag-on!

- Emma I

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