April 22, 2014

Splendiferous Dragon

Hello, splendiferous viewers! This is fantabulous newscaster Emma IceCrafter, bringing you an exclusive interview with the famed Splendiferous Dragon! My questions will be in bold, and my Splendiferous Dragon's answers shall be in regular text. Enjoy this super splendiferous interview!

How long have you been in the company of the prestigious Emma IceCrafter, super thaumaturge extraordinaire? 


Two years? Ooh, that's a pretty long time. And have you enjoyed the experience?

*flaps wings emphatically*

Glad to hear it. And how does it feel to be this splendiferous? Oh, don't bother answering, since I already know. What do you think of the quality of the food? Are you enjoying eating all the tasty grilled dinosaur?

*blows steam*

And do you have anything else to tell our readers?

*spurts blue fire*

Well, thanks so much, interviewee! Everyone give a hand for the Splendiferous Dragon!

- Emma I

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