April 29, 2013

Pirate Ships: Could Azteca Hold the Key?

Ahoy there, pirate mateys! I've got a post that may especially interest ye!

Have you ever wondered what's inside your ship? Do you ever wish that you could use your creative talents to make a lovely space for you and your crew to plan battle tactics or just chill? Or do you simply want a predone place for your crew to eat, sleep, and chat? The infamous insides of our pirate ships have always remained a mystery...but could it now be unearthed? Sophia EmeraldBlossom is here, reporting on one of the most wished-for features of Pirate101: the ability to see the insides of our ships.

Of course, there have been many posts on the same subject, so I had to set mine apart somehow. I went to do some research, surprisingly enough, in a Wizard-exclusive world: the ancient jungles of Azteca.

In the area known as Saltmeadow Swamp, the Monquistadors have made an encampment. They seem to be stuck for the moment, and their captain's ship may have been there for quite some time. It doesn't look like it's in the best condition. In fact, it seems to have run aground and gotten stuck in the swamp muck. Gross.
It doesn't seem to be quite ship-shape. Look at those sails!
Although a little apprehensive about approaching a ship full of mad monkeys that may not be completely structurally sound, I decided this knowledge was too important to pass up. After fending off several Monquistan soldiers (those pesky things!) I managed to ascend the ramp and stand at what would have been the helm.
I wonder what happened to the steering wheel.
Once I snapped out of my trance, I searched the ship for the entrance to the hold. After several minutes of searching, I managed to find the tiny, engraved the door that indicated another room beyond. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fit through and all my efforts would be to no avail, but luckily I managed to squeeze through...eventually. The things I do for my blog!
Look how small that door is!
Not wanting to alert the ship's captain, Ponce de Gibbon, I quietly sneaked around the spacious ship hold, exploring and seeing what it had to offer. I found pleasing results, full of potential for eating, chatting, and relaxing with your crew. Just watch and learn.

The first things that caught my eye were the brass cannons on each side of the ship. There were eight on each side and sixteen in all. I wonder if eventually your friends or companions can man them and help you in broadside combat.
Just look at them. Aren't they cool?
After that, I found the dining table in the room's center. This could be a good place for your crew to gather around and eat, or maybe plan tactics for the upcoming fortress invasion. Since this is, after all, a Monquistan  ship, there's definitely no shortage of bananas!
The table looks a little small, but it's like a portable tavern.
I then left the dining table and focused on the room's subtler points. Next to the roof support near the banana pile, there's a rack for the Monquistador's halberds. Your crew could leave their extra weapons here when they don't want to lug them around.
Looks awfully convenient, doesn't it?
By now, you may be thinking that this ship hold is entirely battle-oriented, and definitely too stiff to relax in. I can prove you wrong! Just take a look at these fine hammocks. They look plenty comfortable, and there are enough of them to hold your entire crew.
Isn't this the epitome of seafaring comfort?
I would've loved to show you the finer points of the ship's hold, like the spare anchors and gunpowder storage section, but Ponce de Gibbon spotted me first. I had to run for it, since I had no desire to face down an obsessive, cheating monkey captain at the moment. However, I think I've shown you enough for you to get the idea. Ship holds are areas with loads of potential. There's no need to dream up fancy, original designs that KI would have to stretch to make; the perfect ship hold is already in the game. This is Sophia EmeraldBlossom, signing off.

- Sophia E

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