April 25, 2013

Massive Updates: My Take

If you've been paying attention to the blogs as of late, you know about all the updates that went live yesterday. That's old news now. You probably aren't interested in hearing me talk about what they are; instead I'll tell you how I feel about them! That's more unique, no?

  • Lost Pages! I think that this is a great substitute for a new world, and it's not so overwhelming. You can pick and choose which quests you want to do, and did I mention the badges are epic? They're writing badges. Here they are in order of easiest to get to hardest: Scribe of the Howlin' Wind; Bleak Master of the Pen; Quiet Writer of Epitaphs; Author of Virtue's Poetry (Sophia looks great with this one under her name!); Cipher of Lost Glyphs; and Coruscating Calligrapher! All of them are based on a certain school. If you want them, act fast! This event goes away on May 31st!
  • PvP Changes/Rank Reset! These are mostly good updates. After doing some testing on the test realm, I'm happy to say that the threat of puppet teams is mostly eliminated. Since I don't PvP, the rank reset doesn't really affect me, but one thing I'm not happy about? The new arena ticket reward system. Since now you get fewer tickets, getting commander gear will be even harder.
  • Hair Styles! These are pretty cool, I guess. They're really not my style, but the players who like them are really happy. I look forward to seeing more if they come out. (That preferably aren't so weird.)
  • Unstitching! This is long overdue. Now I can unstitch my Waterworks gear if better gear ever comes out, and without losing the items. I got some really cool life symbol boots dropped on Emma, so maybe I'll stitch to those instead when the time comes.
  • Reshuffle Changes! This is the one update I'm really not happy about. I'm guessing that KI implemented it to help prevent long PvP matches. The problem is, it doesn't. Just read the latest Duelist101 article for proof. Now people just run out of cards and pass for two hours on end. It also makes the PvE community, with me included, very unhappy. x1? Really? I need reshuffle for the 3v1 solo fights in Azteca!
  • New Furniture Sets! These are pretty cool. Come on, we get interactive sinks and bathtubs! Epic! Not only that, but they're available for gold as well as crowns. They're pretty expensive, so I'll wait until I have a little more information before buying them.
  • PvP Spectator Mode! This is also long overdue. Now people can stop incessantly asking "Who's winning?" and also see the matches better if they're crowded. I've heard it lags the game in live, so I'll have to go check it out.
  • Wyrd House! This actually looks a lot easier to craft than the Watchtower Hall or Celestial Observatory. Emma's almost done with the Watchtower Hall (hooray!), so this'll take the place of my planned observatory. I'm already having amazing ideas to decorate it.
  • Red Barn Farm! Epic surprise! All plants will automatically gain a like both in and outside of this house, so this is a great compensation for the loss of permanent pixies. This one also looks like lots of fun to decorate.
There are also lots of miscellaneous updates in the update notes, and I sadly don't have time to go over all of them. Be sure to check them out, too!

- Sophia E

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