May 19, 2012

I am now cheering louder than I was at the beginning of the Zafaria post.

Well...let's just copy and paste from the beginning of the Zafaria post, shall we? YAY!!! WOOHOO!!! AWESOME!!! YIPPEE!!! WOOT!!!... XD You get the point. Anyway, now I will explain why! And straight to the point, too. Although, yes, lots of pictures are involved. And there are THREE whole reasons why I am so happy! 
#2. I am near the end of Zafaria! Here's a picture of me with my transcendent badge in my pre-black palace elephant transformation:
Very satisfying. And then we went on to do the black palace, and I did a 15k damage hit...even more satisfying.
#3. I just did a waterworks run. Literally, I just finished about ten minutes ago. And I now officially have my whole gear set!
I decided to change which elegant robe I used because this one looks like my level 10 robe. I always liked that robe design, what with how plain it is (I like plain stuff for some reason) and the little bag that comes with it. And it's even better with the life stuff on it! Well, that's it! Leave me be while I bounce around being over-the-top happy.

- Sophia E

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