May 17, 2013

Players vs. Developer: Who Made the Armada?

Every pirate hates the Armada. Those nasty, heartless clockworks never seem to stop trying to take over the spiral. However, you have to admit that their design is quite ingenious. Who made those clockworks, anyway? Welcome to the first post of Players vs. Developer! Our topic? The creation of the Armada.

The game doesn't give us much information about it. Our clues are restricted to the puppet show Captain Avery showed us, which doesn't tell us much.
Who was this Valencian genius?
It turns out that other pirates wonder, too. Who better to ask than the man who wrote the pirate story? He goes by Blind Mew. On a thread for players to ask him questions, some came up with all sorts of interesting theories. One of my favorites was written by baronzemo123. It was written in one long sentence, so I'll paraphrase it as I understood it. He guesses that Kane was once human and had a wife who he loved very much, but was killed by Polaris in the war. He wanted revenge, so he changed himself into a clockwork to help fight Polaris. He also recreated his wife (the mysterious queen) and his family (the other elites) and made a whole army to serve them. Over time, he began to lose his humanity and became completely machine and ruthless, and now he wants to take over the spiral and make everyone a clockwork.

In response, Blind Mew only said: "I'm afraid I won't confirm or deny your theory about their origin, not at this stage." Interesting! We'll just have to see how this plays out.

On a lighter note, jake344 asked if Kane was our pirate's mother, to which Blind Mew gave this amusing response:

"I'm not clear what you're asking. I think I can read this question 3 ways:
  • Is Kane, the clockwork leader of the Armada, an artificial being technically without gender, the pirate's mother? I'd have to say no (a line from Monty Python's Life of Brian leaps to mind). Or is that not what you meant - are you asking...
  • Is your pirate is secretly a Clockwork, built by Kane, and just doesn't know it? Again, I'd say no - somebody would have noticed by now, and I'm presuming the player pirate eats, drinks, sleeps, etc. An interesting idea, but that's not the kind of plot twist I'd go for here - it's much more of a horror trope than high adventure. Was that what you meant, or...
  • Is Kane actually the pirate's mother in disguise? Again, I figure someone would have noticed by now. Besides, the whole "No <insert hero name here>... I am your <parent> has been done, and I don't think we could top the most famous example. 
So, no matter which way you're asking, it feels reeeeeeeally farfetched." I found that quite funny.

Other theories on the clockwork's creator were Marco Pollo (hmm) and Steed (interesting!). Blind Mew did say that we'd definitely find out eventually, so we'll just have to wait and see. I hope you enjoyed this installment of Players vs. Developer, and next time, we'll be talking about betrayal...

(By the way, this is my 100th post! Hooray!)


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