May 03, 2013

A Leap into Pirate101

I decided to try Pirate101 for a month and see how I liked it. The verdict? I'm liking it quite a bit, so far. Right now, I'm level 15 and just starting Valencia. I'm collecting ships and loving them all, and their names. First I had my pirate death trap raft named the Twitchy Turtle. Any ship with Twitchy in its name makes me laugh. Then came my pirate skiff, automatically named the Red Venture. I knew I wouldn't be having it for long, so I left it alone. Soon afterward, I bought myself a pirate frigate and named it the Silver Rose, after my pirate's last name, my pen name, and also the Knights of the Silver Rose in Avalon, my favorite world. Just recently, I got myself a monquistador skiff, and it came named Furiosa Angela. I wasn't a fan, so I decided to rename it to something. I went to the rename person and saw that Rosa Sophia was an option. I did it. (Yup, I named my ship after myself.) The bad news? I'm now gold-starved. Uh-oh. Okay, ship ramble? Over.

Speaking of ship names, I found an epic wharf rat one. I forgot to take a picture, but it was the Lost Clownfish. Nemo! :D So, anyway, I really like Pirate101 so far, and I'm wondering what I'll do when my membership runs out.

I'll see you in the skyways! If you see Smiling Sophia Silver or the Rosa Sophia, don't be afraid to say hi!



  1. What does SSS stand for?
    -Evan Silver

    1. It's for Smiling Sophia Silver, my pirate's name.