December 13, 2012

Idea Bank 1st Edition along with News Galore!

Game news: New hoard pack! Yay! *sarcasm* I understand that this is a holiday pack, so it's not QUITE as irritating as normal. But I'm tired of hoard packs. *sees yuletide fireplace housing item and drools* I WANT IT! Is it auctionable? Can somebody sell me one? Please?

My in-game news: Oh, yeah. I got a candy cane wand and a gingerbread wand from Lord Nightshade, but I really want a mint staff. Should I keep farming? I'm really tired of farming him. I'll post my holiday outfit soon.

Social news: I haven't been posting for almost two weeks now. Inexcusable. I should post WAY more. I need longer and more interesting posts, and more of them. To help myself get started, I will bring back something I used to do. Those who have been reading my blog for a long time probably remember "Outfit of the Week." I will do "Outfit of the Week: Holiday Edition." (The old "pretty, unique, wacky" system is being abolished.) I'm looking for a festive outfit. Stay tuned!

Sophia EmeraldBlossom is now on Twitter! Right now, I'm mostly posting advertisements for various giveaways, but I should start posting more. I'll probably be posting little things there that I wouldn't post here, so follow @ArtsyTheurgist!


In-game ideas: I want to do a big house chain linked by teleporters that tells a story with mannequins. I'm not sure how realistic that is, though, because I'm missing two key components: the teleporters and the mannequins. :P That wouldn't happen for a long time, but I'd love to do something like that!

Blog ideas:
~ Wizardly Debates
~ Fashion Frenzy (articles)
~ Why or not?
~ Poll Overview (remember to vote!)
~ The Crafter's Workshop with Emma IceCrafter
~ Graphics Studio with Sophia EmeraldBlossom

Note: these may not all happen immediately. Some may not happen at all.

That's all for now! Remember to vote on the latest poll for the upcoming Poll Overview!

- Sophia E

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