November 07, 2012


...Grace! She's so polite and unlike Emma I decided to let her join me on my blog. She can have this post all to herself since she's responsible and won't hijack the whole thing. I'm off to the Fairegrounds. Bye!
So...hi. I wanted to show you a few things. First, a picture of me in my newly decorated dorm room!
Did you notice the rug I'm standing on? It serves multiple purposes! First, to fill up that awfully barren space in the middle of the room, and second, to be a moon phase chart! It's very useful. 

Second, it's time for a tour of my dorm! It's very nice, and Sophia was generous enough to give me some items to help me decorate. She does have an overcrowded attic. 

Complete view of my dorm room. Clockwise around the room, starting with the pet pen, we have: pet pen, sleeping area, leisure corner/reading nook/dining area, studying area, wardrobe.
I know this is kind of a faraway view, so here's more pictures of me in the dorm room.
Dancing in the pet pen! Note the appropriate painting on the wall.
Resting after a long day helping to save Wizard City. Note the appropriate painting. I love artwork!
About to dig into my favorite ice cream flavor: Tri-flavor delight! Mmmmm! Also on the table: Traps and Transformation, (the latest mystery novel) and Imp the Parakeet.
Me working on a science project for Professor Balestrom. Gotta work hard; he's a tough grader!
Do you think this hat matches my outfit?
Did you enjoy the tour? I absolutely loved making this room just right! Now for the third thing...
I've started a scrapbook! Entries will be coming soon on the new page: Grace's Scrapbook!
Also coming soon is a new About Me page, including sections by each of us: Sophia, Emma and me!
Hmph. Sophia likes you better!
Oh, I gotta go! Emma's here!

- Grace S

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