October 26, 2012

Post #2

I know. I don't usually post twice a day. I don't even usually post ONCE a day. But this is an exception. Announcement number 1: I've finished chapter four of The Secret Gate The Greatest Treasure. I'm still not quite used to the name, but I think it's better. Announcement number 2: I made this beautiful banner/cover thing for the Greatest Treasure! Do you like it?
My skills are improving!
That's about it. I think I'm definitely improving in graphics.

- Sophia E

Story name change and more ranting.

I've changed the name of my fanfiction (The Secret Gate) to The Greatest Treasure. It sounds better. I've also changed the formatting, so now I have parts and chapters. A PART is a group of chapters, which tells about one world. A CHAPTER documents one area or major event. Now that I've got that straight...

More Azteca ranting. I can't believe that it's likely Malistaire who is back!!! The ending of the Malistaire arc seemed very ending-ish. After what happened, I can't imagine that he would do more evil. I just can't. Also, I've noticed people saying, "It's way too soon for a new world! I only have FOUR of my wizards at max level! AH!!!!!"

...Seriously? Four? I have ONE, people! ONE! And many bloggers don't even have a level 80! Just ask them! (Not the official fansite bloggers. The smaller bloggers.) End rant.

DINOSAURS!!!! I can't believe it! *stews angrily*

Random picture of the day:
Check out Grace's new outfit! (I know, terrible cropping job.)

- Sophia E

October 24, 2012

For goodness sake, just let it blow!

This is Sophia again, and you're in for a rant. In case you haven't heard, the prehistoric world of Azteca will be coming out soon. Like I said before, I DON'T WANT A DINOSAUR WORLD!! There are so many great hints at worlds, and now KI decides to use none of them? I heard that part of the storyline will be saving Azteca from a flaming meteor that will crush the world and turn it into an apocalypse. My course of action: Flee to my life house, wait for Azteca to blow, and hope the spiral-sonic waves knock over my plants. Of course, since I'm a "caring life wizard", I can't let that happen. Not to mention that I won't be able to advance if I don't finish it. Oh yeah, and each school gets a new dinosaur spell. I DON'T WANT A DINOSAUR SPELL!! No matter how good the stats are, I will never use it unless strictly necessary. Period. And it's so convenient that this is announced just after my sub runs out. Typical. I will see you in my life house, building sturdier bases for my furniture to assure that they will not be knocked over with the coming supernova  that is, scheming. Yeah, scheming.

- Sophia E

October 20, 2012


Um...yeah. So, it's me. Emma. (Pronounce: splen-DIFF-ur-iss). So...anyway. Well, um...I've given up project Warlord. Why? Because in ranked PvP, in my very second match (I was still Private), I went up against a level 12 TC spammer captain. And lost. So I left PvP. Otherwise, this blog would be filled with rant posts, and nobody wants those. But - Project Warlord has been replaced with Project Observatory. In short, crafting the Celestial Observatory AFTER I finish Project Watchtower. Good, I've got the unpleasant part over with. Oh yeah, Sophia just went on vacation, so that's why I'm able to have a post ALL TO MYSELF. >:) Also, my spritely Brave Hound happened to be named Queen Ruby when I redeemed her from the pound (AKA my gift window). Sophia's first pet was named Princess Ruby. Summary: even my pets are superior. 

Other news: Sophia's Halloween party is today. Even though I'll be at a crafting lesson during it, I'm mentioning something she left out because of the goodness of my heart. There's hide and seek before the party, with rare TCs as prizes. OOooooOoo. Anyway, party pick-ups start at 9 PM EST, storm tower, Wraith realm in case you forgot (look for Fiona DeathCoin) but the hide and seek starts at 8:30. Here's how it works: Every 5 minutes, one wizard will log off and another will log on in their hiding place. Be quick! The riddles below give you clues on the wizard's costume and also the wizard's location. If you find a wizard, say "Have you seen any Blood Moss?" in menu chat, then attempt to friend the wizard. If the wizard says yes, he/she will give you your prize. If the wizard says no, it means that a different wizard has found them before you. And without further ado, here are the riddles, in the order that the wizards will be hiding. Warning: one of the wizards will NOT remain stationary! Try and find out which one, but don't tell anyone. The best part: I'm hiding for five minutes! And yes, the poems are lousy. What did you expect from Sophia?

The sneaky ninja lies in wait
Somewhere on the unicorn's street
Waiting for the one who will
Find her, running on costumed feet

Somewhere out of immediate sight
The wolf awaits your wizard's eye
Prowling round and round again
On a street where you might sell and buy

The spooky horseman waits to catch
His unsuspecting prey
In a cave where darkness lies
Far out of your way

The royal princess is waiting
By a place of games and fun
Her small companion is sought out
By almost everyone

The dragon rider, sitting on
Her splendid mount of blue
Outside a place where dragons sleep
She is waiting for you

The final costumed wizard waits
Near a stationary boat
She's hiding out out of your sight
While on the wind it floats 

Since her poem stinks so much, here's my own Halloween poem. It's about the party, and is TOTALLY way better. Here goes!

There once was a wizard (Maria)
Who's dressed as a nasty old ninja
Deep in the hedge maze
She waits for the craze
Of all the wizards who will find her.

There once was a wizard named Donna
Who walks among the shops' back lawn-a.
She's a wolf who prowls
But never really howls
Don't get her hiding place wrong-a.

There once was a wizard named Daniel
He's not dressed as a brown cocker spaniel.
He rides on a horse
But his pumpkin head's worse
By the wraith's tower, bigger than a granule.

There once was a wizard named Grace
Who's dressed up in boring old lace
She's by a games tent
Oh, where did she went?
To find her, will you win the race?

There once was a wizard named Emma
And she's totally the very best-a.
She's splendiferous
What? She really is!
When you find her, she'll rise up in splend-a.

There once was a wizard named Sophia
But she stands out, you'll totally see her.
She's an ugly old bird
Yes, that is the word
That's a really lame costume, huh?

*applause* Thank you, thank you! *bows* Now where was I? Oh, yeah! The party! My costume is awesome! I have the best TCs! I'm practically perfect in every way, especially on Halloween!
Haha! Fooled you! All I did was go buy a one-day swiftshadow wings to complete my costume! Now I get to sign off this post! Oh yeah, and as far as I know, only three people are coming and I worked really hard on this, so please come. (In costume, please!) Invite your friends!
Elizabeth and I match! Can you tell who is who?
- Sophia E

October 13, 2012

Finished! ...Not really

Let me show you a couple of pictures.

Two open spots at the round table - very convenient.
Take a look at my badge in the second picture, not to mention the setting. There you have it. I'm done, and now can join the crowd of Archmages eagerly awaiting the next world. Speaking of worlds: I saw Swordroll's post about the bundles hinting at a prehistoric-themed one. I'm not saying that this is a bad idea for a world, but I hate dinosaurs. Period. There are so many worlds already hinted at in quest dialogue, so why make a completely new one? I'm still excited at the prospect of Mirage (cat world), Empyrea (cloud/sky world) and Polaris. I don't think Polaris is an ice world; we already have one of those. Frankly, that would be quite boring. I'm still picturing it as a star/outer space world. (And no, Celestia doesn't count.) You know, like the Celestial Observatory but with different architecture. People have been seeing a mysterious ice world floating by in the Pirate101 skyways and assume it's Polaris. Have you forgotten about Nodor? Here's some quest dialogue from Avalon describing a map of Nodor: 
"A Map to the Brisk Land of Nodor. There are pictures of Woolly Mammoths and Frozen Fomori. Doesn't sound that appealing to you." 
Doesn't that sound like an ice world? Then again...woolly mammoths? Maybe this is both an ice world AND  a prehistoric world. That could be very interesting.

Okay, back on topic. Now that I'm level 80, I'm done with Sophia, right? Don't even think about it. I have a whole list of things I need to do now!

  1. Finish that stray quest for the Marleybone Warehouse.
  2. Get the Emerald Champion badge. (There's only a few stray Mossback quests left in Mooshu; I got fed up with them as a lower level because all the monsters I had to fight were life.)
  3. Get a perfect pet.
  4. Find some way to drastically reduce my gold.
  5. Find those last few music scrolls. (I've never posted about this, but I'm collecting.) Coven, here I come with my epicly awesome forest lord of power!
  6. Start redecorating Life House for Christmas. (What? It's a big project!)
  7. Ignore the crafting quest in my quest log. (Emma's the crafter.)
I can't shake the feeling that I've forgotten something, though...Hmm. 
Did you forget me?
Oh, yeah! THAT'S what I was forgetting! You know Emma, you're pretty easy to forget.
Hmph. I'm a splendiferous person, and you know it. Anyway, now that Sophia's done, it's ME time! You'll be seeing a lot more of me!

  1. Project 80: Get to level 80. (Gotta happen sometime, right?)
  2. Project Warlord: ACTUALLY rule PvP and get the Warlord badge.
  3. Project Watchtower: Craft the Watchtower Hall.
  4. Project Artisan: Continue advancing through the crafting ranks.
  5. Project Conqueror: Take over this blog. 
  6. Project Spell-Master: Collect wands after I finish project Watchtower.
  7. Project Best: Prove that I'm better than Sophia.
  8. Project Splendiferous: Buy the Splendiferous Robe and wear it. (It actually exists!)
Um, Emma? It's fire.
NOOooo... *scratches off list and leaves*
Good, she's gone. Well, that's all for today. See you later!
Yarrr! Like my pirate costume?
- Sophia E

October 10, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

I have not one, but two surprises to post about today! One, the date of the party mentioned in the previous post has been changed to October 20th due to a conflict. Also, thanks for reminding me, Emma: the realm of the pickup is wraith.

Second, I've changed my mind and will be playing Pirate101. It'll be a really casual and slow thing, though, because I'm going the crowns route for it. I'll be playing in the Gandry realm, so if you see any ships with these flags in Gandry you've probably run into me. Feel free to say hi! I probably won't be blogging about my pirates, but here are their pictures! They are my wizards in pirate form, and I'm not sure how many you will recognize from pictures on this blog.

Sophia EmeraldBlossom
Daniel DeathBlood
Grace StormRider
Donna DragonFlame
And last, also least...Emma!
You mean "And last, but BEST".
Whatever. Anyway...
Emma IceCrafter
That's all for now. See you in Skull Island/Avalon! Random picture of the day:
Nomnomnom CAKE!

- Sophia E

October 03, 2012

Halloween is here! Also, a little bit concerning Pirate101...

October is here! Do you know what that means? Right! Halloween is here! Do you know what that means? Right! I have to disclose my Halloween surprise! So basically, I'm having a party. Pickups will be at 9:00 PM EST, October 27 in the storm tower, look for Fiona DeathCoin novice necromancer. There will be lots of fun and a haunted dorm, so come if you want to. 

Also, the Pirate101 release date has been, well, released. It's on October 8. And I'm about to say something that will probably leave most bloggers gaping with surprise. (Or not; it depends on how you react to these sorts of things.) Here goes: I'm probably not going to play Pirate101.

Did I just hear you all gasp? Don't get me wrong here; it's a great game and all that, but it doesn't have what attracted me to Wizard101: the fantasy feel. Although I love seeing more of the spiral, and the companions were great, just a few things aren't enough to make me pay for a game. If I ever play, it'll be after I max all my wizards, and trust me, that won't be for a LOOOOONG time. (Although I'm fairly close to maxing out Sophia.) 

Oh yeah, and I'm going away from tomorrow to Monday. No world tours here. (I wish!) Random picture of the day:
You mean you think this'll melt? O:

- Sophia E